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YouTube Question Jealous spouse + your content


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To all wives and husbands out there, this may seem like a silly question but how have you persuaded your spouse to feel 100% OK with you putting up content that subscribers may misconstrue as a "hot" or "seductive"?

For example, I've always had a hidden passion for dance and have been placing up content on Youtube and Tiktok that shows off hot dance moves. Now granted yes, I am shown in really, really tight clothing and my husband can be a tad on the conservative side, to the point of jealousy lol :) We love each other very much and communicate on this but he can't help himself haha

Has anyone else experienced this - for your wife or husband (or boyfriend or girlfriend) to hate that you're making content which can be misconstrued as "sexualized" from the subscriber comments and how have you handled it? We all know communication is key but any specific experiences on this


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I had issues in the past with my ex.
I am into training, gym, boxing etc and used my instagram to share progress and follow others for motivation.
My ex was very insecure and I ended up giving up on the posts.

But my current wife is leagues above me so she doesn't have an issue with it. :)
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I don't do any kind of hot or seductive content, but as a gamer I draw the ire of my wife because she thinks I spend too much time on my PC and gaming and not enough with her. She tries to be understanding but I know it bothers her.
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DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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My wife, while at first tried to stop me achieving my goals and dreams, NOW fully supports what I do, she even gives me painting ideas to do.

Her worry was that I would spend too much time running my channel and not enough time for her and our daughter, but I said I can balance everything out as best I can, it wasnΓÇÖt easy but we got there :blush:
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I do not do anything sexy or hot other than hot flashes (laugh). However, as a newlywed I struggle with finding time to YouTube, work full time, and create a new life with my husband. Finding balance is the key and I would say you need to dress less provacative in dances that are more provacative so that he isn't uncomfortable. I certainly don't want anyone to stop doing what they love but try to find a middle ground?
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Tito Tim

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Neither of us have ever complained about anything the other posted of themselves...but... we both have veto power on anything posted of us. I occasionally tell her not to post something of me, she regularly tells me to cut some of her antics out of my vids.