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Affiliate Question Regarding the commission gained by affiliate program


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TubeBuddy will be paying 30% of the commission they gain by just installing TubeBuddy? If so why is he paying us for something they don't earn? what if the user is just using the starter pack and never upgrade it to a paid version?


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Hi @Cheche004 - affiliate commissions from TubeBuddy are only earned if your referrals (people that click on your affiliate link) upgrade to one of our paid plans.

So if I click on your affiliate link, and just install TubeBuddy, and use the Free Plan, then there is no affiliate commissions earned.

But if I click on your affiliate link, install TubeBuddy, and upgrade to the Legend Plan, and if you're a Standard Affiliate Status, then you'll get 30% of what I pay TubeBuddy each month, for as long as I'm a paying TubeBuddy.

I hope that helps.