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YouTube Opinion How hard work does pay off!


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We are Random Lifestyle Vlog and we are a cosmetics beauty and lifestyle channel that started back in February. We have been posting videos 3 times a week (at one point 4) and have over 120+ videos now. We have literally only started noticing the effects on our channel with increased traffic and now new subscribers daily. Our advice to anyone who is starting is just to work hard. Despite our market being quite saturated we have found a bit of a niche in places and latched on. And that has helped us tremendously! So, find your niche and work hard on the quality of your content. Your pictures, your lightning set up your content and you will grow slowly but surely! Focus on the analytics and this will help you massively!

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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This is what a lot of the new creators just donΓÇÖt get, they complain and whinge everywhere wondering why their channel isnΓÇÖt going anywhere, only to go on their channel, to see whatΓÇÖs going on, and then discover they only have something like 10 so-so videos, so far IΓÇÖve uploaded 45 videos and only just started seeing some traction, but still got a long way to go yet, but at least now I know IΓÇÖm in the right path :blush:

Beanie Draws

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People should take a look at Mr BeastΓÇÖs video history if they want to see what dedication and determination looks like and sometimes how many years it can take to take off. Same with Gary vee.
Perseverance and patience is definitely key, but if you have passion for what you creat, generally the views and subs wonΓÇÖt matter as much to you as much as the interactivity will.
glad things are starting to pick up For you :) keep up the good work ✌️
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