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YouTube Question Impressions definition


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I've seen couple of discussions about impressions and what they are etc.

But no one has actually explained what impressions really are...
What I actually mean by that is following
- lets say you've searched for fortnite and your initial search results will load in and there's about 20 results loaded right away but you only actually see 3-5 items right away

It would make me believe that these 3 videos now actually got the impression noted on their video.
- what happens with other 17 videos loaded "bellow the fold"(term used in web development primarily to describe stuff that is not visible on the initial screen loaded)
- do they get noted as an impression even tho user may have never actually seen the thumbnail?
- if you scroll past them and load next page do those 20 videos again get impressions even tho you may haven't even seen them?

Obviously coming from a web development background I know what would be involved to implement "only visible videos activate impression" and it may not actually be performant etc.

But is this how youtube actually work? How impressions are counted? It feels sort of broken and will always push largest creators to take the top no matter what.