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YouTube Help Accidentally used the wrong channel URL when appealing the suspension of my original YT account, does that mean i'm screwed?


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So explanation, the channel ID i'm using on here is the one from the account I was forced to create when Youtube was doing that stupid forced Google Plus integration and forced everyone sign up for new accounts using their actual names, my original account was created way back in 2008 and I was mostly using that one since a few years ago when I discovered I could switch between my old and new accounts. My old account got suspended for "violating hate speech policies"(which is totally bogus as I did no such thing, I think some COVID deniers just got all butthurt about me calling them out on their bullshit and mass flagged me as payback) and I appealed it, but when it asked me for my URL I wrote it like this:https://www.youtube.com/user/dayzgone not knowing my channel had a unique ID I was supposed to use, I tried searching for my channel on Google before submitting but had difficult(since it's similar to the name of the PS4 video Days Gone, searches for it usually just gave me videos of gameplay of that game) then I tried searching again after my appeal and this time by pure luck I was able to find my old channel and it's ID: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEmC0A1Ayb_8JNmdDpbmINQ

Unfortunately Youtube does not allow you to send more then one appeal for a suspension, so i'm just wondering if me accidentally using the wrong URL means i'm totally screwed on getting my original account reinstated? I sure hope not, because I've got several playlists on there and a bunch of subscriptions that I'd hate to lose.


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If you manage to communicate with an actual human then please let us know!