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YouTube Question pushing Merch at subscribers


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Has anyone really pushed hard with their Merch at your fans? I have a friend who bombards their merch on her gaming channel a LOT and claims subs need to be promoted at all the time to buy the Merch. what's been your experience with this? Do fans get overly annoyed if you do it too much?

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All the channels I subscribed to have merch, but they donΓÇÖt push it hard into the viewers, some of them donΓÇÖt even push their merch through YouTube, rather they do it on other platforms, like Facebook, but still they donΓÇÖt push it hard and into our faces.

I havenΓÇÖt subscribed to channels that do push the merch hard, so lucky me huh, but if I had stuff pushed into my face constantly, IΓÇÖd get super annoyed to the point of unsubscribing.


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I haven't pushed merch at all at my subscribers (yet). I think it's okay to remind subscribers every now and then that you have merch and to update them when you have new merch coming in, but I wouldn't want to bombard them all the time because I feel that could discourage subscribers from buying it if they feel you are pushing them too hard.
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