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Mobile Gear iPhone 12 going backwards...

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This is going to be a mini rant... but I love how Apple called the design of the iPhone 12 a "new design" as if they forgot the design elements of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. I'm not a real be fan of the flat edges going backwards. It's essentially the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 11 screen shape. Not exactly "new" design. I'm wondering what was the decision making process to go back a few generations? Nostelgia? Couldn't fit new screen technology into the previous curvy design. I'll admit, I'm going to miss the curvey design of the 6-11 designs, something tells me the curvy edges would feel more comfortable in the hand.

Did you ever own a iPhone 4 and 5? Did you prefer the flat edges over the curved edges? Do you even care about the iPhone design?


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There is a lot of speculation that it has a lot to do with how they need to place the antennas. Much the same reason they did it for the iPhone 4 & 5, but with that one they messed up the placement pretty badly and ended up with worse range than expected in real-world use.

But to your question, I quite liked the flat sides. I think it gave the phone a distinct look.

And I posted this on the discord, but I really think this is THE creator phone. You would have to spend double its cost to get any camera that has significantly better specs. I can't think of a point and shoot on the market that touches it, and I think it easily replaces of the lower end replaceable-lens cameras for most creators.


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My first Apple device was an iPod touch 4th generation (that thing was tiny), and then I also had the iPod touch 6th generation. My first iPhone was the iPhone 6s. The closest look to the iPhone 4 and 5 series I've had was probably the iPod 6 because it at least looks somewhat similar to the iPhone 5s, but it's obviously not the iPhone 5s. I can see the squared off edges (like the iPhone 4 and 5) being useful cause you could put on a YouTube video and just stand the phone on its side without it falling over, but I liked my flat/rounded edges of the iPhone 6s (I have an iPhone X now).

My parents are the type of people that don't wanna spend more than $200-300 on a phone, but they have to understand that at this point you can't get a decent phone for this price anymore.

I find technology very interesting and I've always been fascinated with it for all of my life and like following channels on YouTube that go over the new iPhones and stuff.