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YouTube Question About Youtube view problem


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Hi all,

I noticed views and subscribers are not updating or changing sufficiently. One moment, I had 133 views and 13 subscribers (last night), and now I have 117 viewers and 14 subscribers. I can't find what my genuine views are when they change like this. Is this a bug or is it Youtube removing views?

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This comes up quite a bit here. YouTube routinely purges bots and fake accounts. This will often have an impact on subscribers and views. On small channels you notice it more because losing a view or a subscriber is easy to notice. But it happens to everyone, even the big channels.

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ThatΓÇÖs YouTube qualifying views. Supposedly If someone doesnΓÇÖt stay on your video or watch it long enough, it doesnΓÇÖt count as a view (something like 2-3 seconds, supposedly itΓÇÖs a way to stop bots from falsely inflating views, 1000 views, but each view only having a few seconds each would be HORRIBLE for the channel and pretty obvious use of bots) if youΓÇÖve asked friends to view your videos for the views and they donΓÇÖt actually watch. That doesnΓÇÖt count.

Also the 2-3 second ΓÇ¥ΓÇÿruleΓÇ£ (canΓÇÖt confirm, but logic would state its somewhat true) helps prevent when someone loads up your channel or video to check your analytics or to study your channel. If they donΓÇÖt watch much, say a few seconds, that really harms the overall performance of the video if too many people do that, so itΓÇÖs better to not count those views at all.

Also also, IΓÇÖve loaded up my own videos for testing purposes, sometimes itΓÇÖs a result of clicking a reply notification which will load up the full video. Oh, and currently the only way to create your own pinned comment to send people to other videos etc, the only way to do that currently is to load the video, make your own comment on your own video, and THEN pin it. i have a few videos that IΓÇÖve reviewed before publishing, viewing it to leave a comment or modify your end cards etc count as a ΓÇ£viewΓÇ¥ and you really donΓÇÖt want that. You donΓÇÖt want your views coming from yourself.

thus, sometimes youtube will clear those views to align it with a qualified view count that isnΓÇÖt artificially inflated. Happens for everyone. The bigger your channel is the less you notice it.

those are (for the most part) the reasons. The best way to stop worrying about it is accept it happens, donΓÇÖt stress and make more content. More views will come and one day you wont pay much notice to the specific number.