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Gear Advice on the hunt


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I am on the hunt for free stock photos that is open to commercial use, I may buy some later on but I can't right now. budgets..... pixalbay is amazing but they are somewhat short on the cyberpunk scene. I just wondered if anyone had any leads. the next two albums I am doing is cyberpunk inspired from the artist himself.


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Check out this website called Pexels . They have some free stock photos and videos that you can use. Just read to double check before you download any video or photo to make sure that the creator of the photos/videos you use didn't decide that they want you to give them credit in your video description (I haven't seen it when I've been on the site, but doesn't mean it couldn't happen).
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Unsplash is a website I love using for stock photos. There's a pretty wide variety of photos, they're high quality, they're completely free, you can use them for commercial purposes, and attribution isn't required (but it is appreciated). Other than Unsplash, I agree with @Legacy that Pexels is great too!