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Other Why didnΓÇÖt I check this! Premiere Pro


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Editing a video today, premiere kept crashing due to low system memory.

after a bit of searching I noticed that my recycle bin had over 10gig of data stored and my adobe media cache files folder also had over 6gig stored so I deleted both and now, Premiere is much quicker and storage has been freed up too!

just thought IΓÇÖd share in case others are having a similar issue!

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Yeah it's good to remember to clear out your cache once in a while. I have a program called "WinDirStat" (short for windows directory stats) that will show you a visual representation of your entire hard drive, the biggest blocks are the biggest files and sometimes you'd be surprised how large some of those files you'd forgotten all about art.

Also, if you render stuff, Premiere will save out those render files, and those render files do nothing ofter you've exported except take space, and they often take significantly more space than the raw footage it'self. It's good to delete those as well.

Supposedly a computer will start bugging out if you have less than 10% storage space on the operating system, so I try to have at least 100gb of storage space free to let my computer do whatever it needs to do.

Good reminders all round :)