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YouTube Opinion The slow hardwork time consuming painful truths of growing a youtube channel by a rookie with a niche channel.


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I would like to say a lot of things, in just my three weeks of really going at this. I had the extra time because I took my vacation. Horrible vacation yes I love the fact I get to be home, but I had so many workmen work on my house it's not even funny a one-day job turned into a 5-day nightmare. This is way off-topic. I am just explaining how when I was not dealing with them I was creating videos, SEO, reading TubeBuddy community getting the information I still am there is so much here thanks to you all. and thank you Tubebuddy for saving me hundreds of dollars with SEO which in itself is a headache I am not going to lie nothing is easy. Anyone says youtube channel is EASY I am going to laugh now.

I completely agree, with this theory do not even worry about growing your channel un-till you get 100 videos and do not fine tone everything. I would say cover your basics, get content out there, do basic SEO do basic thumbnail, do everything to be a fully fleshed-out video. but no need to comb it over and over and over in till you think it is perfect because in a week you going to change it again. and being a rookie you going to want to say I messed up redo something a thousand times. well, my advice is DONT. This is the reason your wasting your time and not knowing what you doing or why. my advice is all that time you want to improve on something or build social media. I would be making another video. because it is a fact you don't have enough data to know what is the wrong period. give the video 2 months to collect data. then change one thing about it even if you see ten problems. do this again in 2 months. why? you want to treat this like science. and figure out the real issues of a video or views or a channel. you gotta have real data. and you have to do this on videos you did not promote with your hard-earned money either. that information is already skewed.

I am 3 weeks into this channel and I have redone all my videos at least 3 times SEO, and information-wise and titles, etc.... I am done with that. if my titles stop me from growing I will redo them with data that I am given in time. Same with my ugly thumbnails yes I can make them nice but why? Maybe ugly sticks out like a sore thumb are good. I don't know I have no data to back it up? Basically saying no need to fear or dread over something you don't know because it's not in your hands, to be honest with you. we are creating your content that you want to make. If there is an audience out there that likes the content then they will come if you use SEO correctly the first time that TB offers. It may not be good SEO that you set up TB does not promise you that you are doing it right for your videos. But if you stay honest about your topic and you put in keywords that fit that topic it should happen. in all honesty, if your videos have good content for people and that's the SEO you put in people should find you and like you for you and your videos. This is really how it should work you shouldn't have to please them but please you. Don't hustle to get views or subs it just a waste.

I have learned this in 3 weeks of all my videos I am adding my retention rate. 50% of people that click my videos stop AT 4 seconds. that is my intro, not the music that I want to promote this is huge, so today I have to go back into the editor and remove my intro. I was reading threads here about intros being bad or good long or short. I believe it depends on many factors your niche for one of its music, like me obviously the intro is a no-go if my data is saying 50% of CRT is stopping at the end of my intro, furthermore, my competition has a longer intro more views funny isn't it. if you going to be talking to the audience about a topic for 15min intro should not be an issue. in my case it is. I was even told by veterans my intro is not an issue. but my 3 weeks of data that is organic on videos that are not being advertised my CRT its literally 4 seconds on the dot which is literally my entire intro. so they watch my intro and click off my video. when if you look at my videos my intro is not my content its 4 seconds then bang you have a song and basically audio visualizers with a pretty background.

I almost spent hundreds this week on a program to improve my quality and the effects that I can do like really stick out against my competition. But I looked hard at my competition. in my own bias opinion, and with TB data, I am out SEOing them, I am out quality video wising them in my opinion already. Most of them use one image for the video without anything no audiovisuals at all. thumbnail they literally do not have thumbnails I am the only one even putting text to them as bad as they are. information wise about the video and the content, totally beating them in every aspect that I look at my competition.
Competition Checklist
1. video quality over them- got it
2. thumbnails well effort to do them over them - got it
3. description fleshed out over them- got it
4. SEO the best I can do over them - got it
What am I missing? what is holding it back? - Content, time, core base. - This is what I don't have they do, they have the songs I am putting up trying to build up. they have the past time to get the subs to get the people to come to their channel to get their content and artists songs, they are well ahead of the game and I am playing catch up. - will this stop me heck no. I am going to keep uploading all the music I can and reaching out to all the artists that I love. one of them will not say names but one is doing exactly what I am doing I did not know they existed. again they are being super lazy about it but they have 400k subs and I just found them recently because their SEO is bad. and I am like okay what do they have that I don't if I am doing my entire list better than them. Time, and content. that is it. One of them does have a good social media standing with facebook over 400 likes on a YT post. I am sorry but I don't know how to do that. I dunno, if they paid to build their Facebook community or they, took the time and looked for people I just don't know but that is something that is going to be super hard for me personally. I do not have the time to bug people on Facebook let alone how or where to grow one. social media building around a youtube channel this is my biggest challenge yet. because I know this grows channels people on here have said my twitter page made my YT channel or Pinterest. I am happy for you guy that did this and accomplished this. But as I sit here today at my desk. I am not seeing how you did this. especially in my shoes when I just created my social media for this channel the same day I created the channel. I need content and lots of it and that's just my focus and I know that's what I NEED to do. I need well more than one hundred. but it's okay we will get it done. but don't let anyone tell you its easy.

Advertising, rather you doing it or third-party marketing. Do not waste your money if you do not have a lot of content to offer. Also, check out your third party marketers. I went in blind. and I got horrible results. Did they market in a good area? No in fact TB can see my data, that most of my views are now from India. are ads cheaper in India? My point is I got mislead and lied to. even my subs I promise 50 subs organically. as soon as I got 51 subs I lost 20. I am pretty sure the third party marketer was using illegal programs when they straight up told me this was organic and lines up with TOS. I feel somewhat scammed, to be honest. I have used 3 so far. the last person I have used now. seems to actually be the most legit one, and again do your research if you're not in India don't use people in India to do your marketing. The person I am working with now is in Europe and electronic music is big in Europe so I am actually happy to work with her she is a legit blogger as well that is successful, she does this for the extra money to post and link channels, all the hits I am getting from her are fellow YouTubers trying to grow but at least they are actually engaging with me this time. but is it worth my money? no. it is not. the dollars spent against the results you get are never worth it. and if the marketer asks for the keywords themselves to advertise do not use that marketer. I am learning a lot about them the hard way. if you going to give someone your money to advertise for your YT channel under YT TOS. They better know how to do it and do it well they do not need to know the keywords they should be able to pull up a video and see them in 5 seconds just like we can. or even see if they can improve them with the ads to perform better that is what a legit marketer will do. that is their job. This is why I offered to pay a third party stating they are using TOS, they know what they are doing and they are spending their time doing it I do not have to worry about it. but the exact opposite happened. again if you do want to spend real money to grow, pick a good marketer to ask them questions. understand what they are doing. what they offer. if they ask for keywords just no red flag. but even if they do the most amazing job you will get some good results yes you will but is it worth the dollar amount in the long term no. it is not worth it.

That being all said. in the future when I have more content, I have time to sit down and look up a good third-party marketer there are legit websites out there that do this that I found out but I wanted a deal and I got burnt. - but this is just me I am willing to burn small amounts of money to try to get a few loyal subs that have not found me yet. just a personal thing. not everyone can afford to do 50 a month or any money. some say it's just a waste and ill admit it is. but I still think there is potential in it. even with small amounts. I am just willing to do it.

I am sharing my experience with youtube so far. I am not complaining. I figured someone might find value in it.
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Excellent write up of your experience. This should provide some valuable advice for anyone thatΓÇÖs thinking of beginning their channel or if theyΓÇÖve just started.

The problem with a lot of these new creators is 1) they think building a channel quickly is easy (for a few it is but they just got lucky), 2) their expectations are unrealistic, 3) they saw a channel like Mr Beast and thought they could do the same, not realizing the back story to these successful channels, 4) they make videos that mainly focuses on themselves, not realizing that YouTube is NOT like that, and hasnΓÇÖt been for years, 5) going everywhere complaining about their channel not ΓÇ£explodingΓÇ¥.

In short, viewers come searching for a variety of stuff that they want to learn, or they just want some form of entertainment to get themselves through the day or a bus ride or a hard time, we just need to look at how we use YouTube, what are some of the things we search for, and in which niche, then try to make similar content like that, with our own twist and flavors in our videos, but not copy other video styles second for second.

Lastly, creators need to just be positive and give off positive energy, and just have fun with their channel, because it definitely shows in the videos, one whiff of negativity from the viewers and they pretty much click off, I have many times when spotted a moody creator.