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YouTube Question Subject SEO Section: backlinking


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First I want to say only post I found searching did exist but it is archived. I have several questions about this. They say YT and Google may work different but are very smiliar.

The archive thread stated backlinking obviously works. So anyone that does not know what backlinking is short explation:

- Link your video,playlists,channel onto other websites.

- gives video,playlists, channel more authority or domain on subject. resulting in higher ranking and placement in search engine. because the program says they are linked by this website and this website we like them they have a high authority score. - how did they do this is a different story but short answer. "longivity, valueable content, relative content, how many visit, how many find it useful. again its a subject on its own... moving on.

Archive post said backlink works. I am assuming backlinks still work on YT then. This brings me to my questions.

If I was to backlink my channel does it only promote channel and not my videos? Same question goes for playlist does it only promote or give authority to playlist or all the videos in the playlist? thirdly so I backlink 1,000 links on a video does it only affect that one video or my entire channel?

backlinks are part of SEO calculating btw.

I am asking all of this to see if it is worth to invest in. It is not against TOS to get your videos backlinked by marketers. the true question is do they need to all be backlinked every single video or the channel or play list etc.....

if it is set to per video I am in big trouble because budget is too small to even try to do this but a playlist or a channel that effects its contents now we are talking. - does anyone know the answer to this?