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Gear Question Issues with lighting! We have the gear but still issues with camera!


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We have two soft lamps which we use on each side of the camera to help reduce shadows. Then we use a ring light around the phone camera to get as much light into the field of view as possible. The problem we have started facing is with the Samung S10+ camera. Our most recent videos show the lighting constantly changing throughout and it's becoming really annoying. At first, we thought turning off the image stabilization might help and it did in the past with focus but we keep getting these light issues. Considering we have been going since February we thought everything would be sorted by now! Any suggestions?
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I don't have that phone, but see if there is an auto-iris setting. That is often the culprit for what you described.

Geeky question, but make sure all of your lights are the same temperature. If not, the auto white balance may be adjusting. You can try turning AWB to off and see if that helps

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It could be the Samsung compensating and possibly something in an update or the app you're using going into an auto mode. I've been using an app called "open camera" in the past which tends to help with more control over the settings of the camera app.
If you've dialed in your light and exposure settings, there's generally no reason to have any setting set to auto other than auto focus. The more powerful the camera app in it's features, the more options you get and sometimes the stock camera apps of phones aren't always that great.