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YouTube Question When subscribers are online section not showing!


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We have been an active channel since February and have over 100 videos (we post three times a week ) but we still get youtube saying not enough data to show when people/subscribers are online. Please help!


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If your channel isn't large enough then youtube isn't going to show some of the analytics, Because just remember it's not an identity tracking website lol

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Seems this isn't a question related to tubebudd I've moved it to YouTube discussion. I'm not overly sure why it wouldn't show data, Gunjit is pretty much spot on, I just don't know how much data specifically it would need, BUT also be aware that that feature is still in beta and in the process of being rolled out. I assume once it's been fine tuned a bit more it might be able to gather more data. It was at about 50% rollout a few months ago with some channels having access and some not, so I'd guess it will fix it'self up soon enough. I'm not sure how much data it would need, I'm not sure what kind of data it uses, if it means your subscribers who have been watching, or just people who have watched your video in the past.

You could always try asking @teamyoutube on twitter, but my guess is they'll give you the same answer, that it's still being rolled out. There was rumor that it wouldn't even stay around because they're testing it first.

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i saw this same issue on a channel with 1,000 subs. He wasnt gaining many views (averaged probably 30-50 per video). I assumed he simply didnt have the traffic necessary to determine a solud data set.