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YouTube SEO 40% of my videos are not getting views

Uncle Momo

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IΓÇÖve started a music reaction just under 3mths ago based upon talented artist with low subscribers who are equally good as A list artist. Im Getting good reviews but IΓÇÖve notice that 40% of my reaction have very very views. No matter what strategies measures I take. What am I doing wrong. I am new to being a YouTuber with limited knowledge on how to utilise the basicΓÇÖs

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Hey there donΓÇÖt stress too much man, we all find ourselves on a hard and rough ride to our goals.

I just had a quick look at your channel, youΓÇÖve got a good collection of videos, but first thing that bounces out at viewers is the thumbnail, maybe you could create an eye catching thumbnail with your screenshots and some readable text, remember they need to be clear enough to see on an Apple Watch, maybe structure your titles so theyΓÇÖre more uniform and clearer to the viewers.

Lastly, while IΓÇÖm not too familiar on how popular these reaction videos are, you seem to present your videos quite well, but what value is your content bringing to the table? Is it something the viewers really need or just want? Is what youΓÇÖre presenting highly searched? Does the way your content presents itself stand out from others doing the same?

One thing to remember, is while it may not be the case, if your content is about giving your thoughts on the music youΓÇÖre doing, a lot of viewers, by my understanding, wonΓÇÖt really be interested in this, viewers are only hooked on content that can bring them value or something useful for them, for eg, how something is done or how to improve on this or that, how to make a cocktail or your favorite meal and so on, sadly the viewers donΓÇÖt really care all that much about the creators now.

Before I started my channel, I had a quick stroll around the niche to see what gaps needed filling, and how I can present my videos differently from the others, so far itΓÇÖs been a nice ride although the start is always the hardest, so maybe spend a bit more time in the niche to see how things are done and then figure out how to make your content stand out.

And lastly, learn all you can about SEO and the art of thumbnail making, as mentioned before.

IΓÇÖm not sure if any of this will make great improvements with you, but IΓÇÖm somewhat confident that what IΓÇÖve shared can at least steer your content into the right direction, and give you a better idea on where to improve.

As always, anyone can add their 2 cents.