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Life You are always producing memories, and producing legacy and lessons for the future

Beanie Draws

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I was watching an interview just before that just made me feel like reflecting and sharing a concept I've had for a few years now about life.

We very rarely ever live in the now. We're always planning, we're looking forward to something... and then we live it, we make it, and then it's gone and all we have are memories. In a way, "now" doesn't matter, because "now" will be gone as quickly as it arrived, and from the moment you live "now" that "now" becomes the past and a memory, and in that sense... not only does "now" not matter, because it is a fleeting moment, with tomorrow soon to be the next "now" that will become yesterday... but "now" is also the most important part of your life, because what you DO and make now, will be what you remember for the rest of your life.

Our videos chronicle a visual reminder of what we have done, and without videos and pictures, all we have are memories in our mind. What we create allows us to re-live and revisit memories... so our past, in a way is more important than our future, because the future isn't here yet, the past provides us our lessons for years to come. You can't erase the past, you can't erase the mistakes of the past, the mistakes of the past, lay the foundation of where the future goes... so what we do NOW, to record the now, to replay the past, into the future, is more important than ever, and is why planning the future is even more important, because planning for the future, will give you a better plan of how to handle it when it becomes your "now"... and once you have lived it, you can then reflect on the future becoming the past, and how you handled it.

Everything I've experienced in life, has eventually turned into a memory to reflect on... and the last few months, I probably spend too much time wondering how the actions I take in the now... will impact the future. How WE as humans act now, paves the path of the future. The way we treated people in the past, paves as for a path of a plan of how we can better tackle the future, and especially in the last few months, how we treat the now, how we deal with difficult situations, will be a forever reminder of what we "could" have done, and what we "should" have done, and if a situation arises again... how we could re-approach things.

"Looking back now, how would you have approached things differently" "if you could film this video again, what would you have done differently?" and on a much deeper lever, if you think about things like elections, and maybe things like the L.A riots of 1992... how did our lessons and experiences of 1992, path how we treat 2020? How do the lessons of 2016, or even 1914 and 1939-1945 treat how we craft the end of 2020 and plan to make 2021 hopefully better than what 2020 was. (a pandemic is bad, but world war 1 and world war 2 were arguably far worse and let's just hope that the actions we take in 2020 and 2021 don't shape the path of a world war 3)

Everything in life is a plan, an experience, and a memory... and I guess it's what we do with each part of that journey, that impacts the future, that dictates what our future memories will be.

This is something I think about a lot, and especially more so as I get older and I reflect on the past, and what I want from the future, and I felt the need to jot this down randomly because I don't feel like putting that into a video essay, or a tweet or whatever. I just felt like sharing some mental musings while it was lingering in my mind just then, and maybe you can take something from it and reflect as well... or it's just something I wanted to type out and get on with things lol.

Thanks for reading my TED talk :p

kitchen c/o ammama

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Everything in life is a plan, an experience, and a memory... and I guess it's what we do with each part of that journey, that impacts the future, that dictates what our future memories will be.
Very well written !!! totally Agree !!!