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Other i need help

Volquez Robloxx

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Hey, I deal with this issue sometimes as well. Try checking Fiverr out & hire someone for a affordable price if possible. If all fails, dont forget youtube & google are like a magic wand. (lol) Hope that helps...

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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To be honest... I just felt you would add something .. I don't know why.

Software / related video / a person / a group ... that's it .

And sorry for tagging tiwce.. I do not have option to edit or delete it ( I tried to ).
Haha itΓÇÖs all good, I wasnΓÇÖt sure what this was about but I gave it a go, while dealing with my baby daughter, parenting huh :blush: :confused:
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Beanie Draws

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i need help on how to make my character ( imean drawing and all) in any one can help me it would be great (i have the vision in my head but its stuck there)
This isn't really a tubebuddy request, unless you're requesting the thumbnail maker of Tubebuddy to be added with the ability of layering or something? if it's a more general thumbnail question or request, I might be better moving this to another section because this section is for tubebuddy feature requests.
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