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Need Advice I Created A New Channel


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Hi everyone,

I recently returned to Youtube on September 2nd, posting exclusively "NO Commentary" gameplays. a few days ago I decided to break the barrier and tried making a video which is a short edited playthrough of me being stupid and noob.

I need advice, I have my created channel "LouisFrost" go for HD Gameplay of no commentary which is also new and at 30 subs.

A) was it a good choice to create a new channel to build a channel identity; or

B) should I have just stuck with my old channel?

The thing is I felt like, keeping my old vids while I created content on my main channel with voice felt like I was straying away from what I originally intended to do and felt that defeat the purpose of why those 30 subbed in the first place. I made my main channel LouisFrost no commentary cause I am shy. but I believe if I kept doing it maybe it wouldnt be like that anymore.

I also thought of putting out a video on the mainchannel aswell that "Hey im switching to a different outview of things" but again, I thought a new channel would be better since the main channel isnt that big yet anyways.

THOUGHTS PLEASE? Whats your take.

Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Kk0RyUYhZsJ8tRRSwwk9w
New Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHI1PXi35NE7_14Smt4eFww

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I'm not a professional at this, so I'll offer my perspective as a viewer who has seen other gaming channels do this and how I felt:

1 - both your channels are what I would consider new (videos up for less than a month). If you're going to make a move like this, now's the time to do it, before you have a huge following to lose.
2 - when I'm subscribed to a channel that's done this, it's frustrating for me. Sometimes I'm really into the gameplay and the games, and it's frustrating to have to go somewhere else because now occasionally there's a video I'm not into. Maybe I would have gotten into the new style, but now that I have to go to another channel, I'm not going to even try.
3 - personally, I would keep everything in one place. Because your channels are still gaming channels, it makes sense to me to keep them together. What if those first 30 subbed because they liked your gameplay? They'd still be getting gameplay, just without the commentary, and it sounds like you're moving away from commentary completely. I would give those folks a chance to get to know your new videos, and if you wanted to do videos on cooking suddenly, that seems like a good idea to split to a 2nd channel.

I hope this is a little helpful, at least. Best of luck to you! I hope you're able to find your groove and establish your branding and meet all your goals! :heart: :heart:
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