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Technology Channel If you are yet to get a ride in BlackPerl in the waves of the world of Cyber Security, book your ticket NOW!!


New Member
User name: BlackPerl
Title of introduction: If you are yet to get a ride in BlackPerl in the waves of the world of Cyber Security, book your ticket NOW!!
Your name/ Alias: BlackPerl
Where are you from? Bangalore, India
How did you find TubeBuddy? "Help is given in YouTube if someone asks for it".. Bit modified from Harry Potter series, but worth of hundred words. Now a days TubeBuddy is everywhere in YouTube if someone wants to grow in a strategic way. So after receiving some suggestion from other creators, I used the free version of the tool and liked it, so end up buying a license.
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? It sounded a bit strategic where we can collab with so many new and energetic blood with so many new ideas. Sharing is caring.. So joined this forum to understand the tool in a better way and to make new connections to continue the journey together.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: ItΓÇÖs been quite long, I was planning to have a platform by which I can connect with more talented individuals, exchange our knowledge and build a strong core in the area of ΓÇ£Cyber SecurityΓÇ¥. In the current world of ΓÇ£ONLINEΓÇ¥ we tend to leave our digital footprint in some way or another, which can be easily used against us. So it is very necessary for all of us (we the employees, our family and friends) to know the various areas of Cyber Security. Plus, I know there are many amongst us who has a hidden thought in their mind to explore the world of Cyber Security Operations, Ethical Hacking(best to be known like that) etc.
So, I created this channel by managing some extra time for myself due to Covid-19(less travel, less time waste in traffic) and will try to help others who are in need for knowledge for various topics on Cyber Security and also want to choose it as a career path.
How frequently do you upload? Current doing it weekly, since not a full time Youtuber, but will post more often if I can manage more time!!
What are your hobbies? Exploring new Techs in the world of Cyber Security... Research and Development.. Bug Hunting..
I love to play with color and brushes.. And obviously creating awesome content for YouTube!!
What is your biggest dream? Become a public figure in the world of Cyber Security... (That is one of my another reason to start YouTube)
YouTube Channel Link: UCqVIVdF5lwb3uMhiS0XM4XQ