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YouTube Question Please Can someone advise - Loading same content with different lengths of sound videos


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Hi All,
I am doing a channel or 2 on nature and relaxation sounds. I have recorded the sounds in natural and White noise. I would like to ask the following.
1) Can I put the same sound on - one natural and one white noise for the same sound clip? They would or could have different time lengths and thumbnails as well as overlay video.
If this is not allowed by youtube on the same channel, would I be able to put the alternative on another channel?

Please let me know your thoughts guys, thanks.


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this one's a bit confusing.... yes, you can have 2 differant sound effects in the same video IF your video editor allows multiple audio tracks. But you can't have 2 differant thumbnails and differant lengths for the same video. I think I have this wrong but I THINK that's how you're meaning. Kind of sounds like you want to do how DVD's would have multiple selectable audio tracks, like audio for differant dubbing, and a directors commentory track. That's not available for YouTube, but it would be a cool feature, but I don't see that ever happening.