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Other Social Media StoryFire


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Is anyone familiar with Storyfire.com ?

I randomly stumbled across it recently but don't know too much.
I've seen some comments claiming it to be the next YouTube/Instagram combo but I can't see much value in it myself..
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Never heard of it, but I also didn't see the value in YouTube Stories, or Instagram Stories and saw them as cheap snapchat knock offs... months later and they're very enjoyable to use when I remember to use them, so I wouldn't discount the idea of any new platform in the early days, you never know what's going to be the next big platform to take off. Get ahead of the curve. Of course, make sure it's a safe and trusted platform, but you never know what might be huge in 5 years time, that we don't see much value in, in the current times.

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Yes! Great topic, I would very much enjoy the input we can get on this subject. Im not a McJuggernuggets fan, and while I respect what he has done i dont trust him to be the guy to start an alt platform. Otherwise I appreciate what it has provided for content creators who have had monetization issues on YT.

I will add it is my understanding that discovery on Storyfire is difficult, though i have no first hand knowledge.
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