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How-To Channel I enjoy video educations and enjoy sharing mine too.


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User name: SAAKUSH
Title of introduction: I enjoy video educations and enjoy sharing mine too.
Your name/ Alias: Saakush
Where are you from? Kenya
How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Getting like minded YouTubers and share my humble journey. I like curious People hungry for information and willing to share what they are learning because each teach one as they say.

My desire is to share more videos on Swahili and and gain a tribe of people who LEARN from my perspective. (That' s really cool) and also learn more.
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: I want to be a silent worrior with my channel. Someone who is a jack of all trades and master of all. I enjoy experimenting: Comedy, Narration most of my affirmations comes from my inner gut feeling. I'm sure to have lots of interactions in this journey of the unknown. I so enjoy.
How frequently do you upload? 2 times weekely
What are your hobbies? Walking, Skating. Urban farming.
What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to see many coming to the realisation my contribution from different perspectives resulted to their growth somehow. That is satisfying to me.

YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/JustTalkShengTV
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Hello Saakush, Welcome to the forums!

Interesting way to put it that you want to gain a tribe, more power to you.

Enjoy your stay here!
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Welcome Saakush

I wouldn't no where to start with Swahili - which of your videos would be the best place to start?