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YouTube Question 4k Watch Hours

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Welcome to the hard road of blood sweat and tears of creating, we are all on the same road to achieve the same goals, some of us get through the harshest of times, harsh times that are designed to break you into pieces, so if you want those kinds of hours, youΓÇÖre gonna have to work for it.

If you already have an audience that likes your work, then things will be somewhat easier, but if not, you best be jumping in the niche you plan on targeting and do some sort of research in it and find out what people want, find out whatΓÇÖs trending, and make that kind of content for your viewers.

DonΓÇÖt make mediocre videos just for the sake of trying to gain watch time, more and more viewers are seeing right through this and tuning out of such content.

And as always, build a professional looking channel, and learn lots about SEO, and crafting your thumbnails.

DonΓÇÖt expect everything to just go VROOOOM overnight, because running a YouTube channel is like trying to get a family van to accelerate like a top fuel dragster, a LOT of work is involved.

Have fun and enjoy the journey :)

Tito Tim

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Honestly the hours are easier to get than the subs. If you make interesting vids and get real subscribers - the watch hours take care of themselves.
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I guess dont think about and just upload your content.

Im agreeing with the above posts.

If you keep looking at your subs and analytics hour by hour or even per 10-15mins then you'll go crazy.

Youre already halfway there, your subs are at 1.7k and thats alot in its own way!

Communicate with them. go back to basic and see why they subbed at the first place.
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Jarvis Phan

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From my experience, I have reached the hours and I can tell you it is definitely a long grind and there is no easy shortcut to get to the 4000 watch hours. My advice would not to even worry about the 4000 hours because if you enjoy making YouTube videos, then it doesn't really matter if you reach it or not. As long you continue creating good content, you'll get the hours you want.
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Beanie Draws

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How to get 4k hours watch time? Make content worth watching. You're only going to get that amount of watch time if your content is worth watching, and without wanting to sound harsh, wanting that very monetisation specific amount of watch time, means you're only interested in money rather than providing something the audience wants to watch, so why should they watch your videos over someone else?

You have to make videos that are awesome, worth watching, and provide value and solutions to problems people have.

Also, monetisation won't be making you much money, so if you only want the 4k for monetisation, don't bother with it. 4K hours alone isn't enough just for monetisation, you need 1k subs, but you also need content that YouTube deems valuble. Having mass amounts of videos just for lifting 4k watch time means YouTube will deny you monetization.

So there's only 1 way to make 4k hours. Make content worth watching. GOOD content.


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Make 10 - 15 minute videos. Make how to videos. Try to Livestream for 2 - 6 Hours on YouTube. After you will see massive progress this method helped me alot!

kitchen c/o ammama

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Few threads that might be of help

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