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Channel Milestone A Ultra Marathon to 20 Subscribers.

Volquez Robloxx

New Member
Subscriber Goal
Ive ran a Marathon before (November 2019). From 10 to 20 I felt like it was taking forever, every minute I would check and refresh the app, only to find out we are not there yet. I would catch myself having internal dialogues to not check again until tomorrow. Come to find out, it only took about 4 days. This happened after i applied the tools and suggestions from TubeBuddy.. So be patience and stick to your TubeBuddy suggestions and tools, they help and work. Don't forget you can become viral over night, but is your content, schedule, and life ready for that? Take time & enjoy the process.

See you all at 500 Million Subs one day,
Volquez Robloxx



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TubeBuddy User

1,50,500, 2000. No number is bigger than the other! so long as there's that one person watching and believes in you then youre all set!
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