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Lifestyle Channel Would love to do an unboxing colab.

Steph's Life

New Member
User name: Steph's Life
Title: Would love to do an unboxing colab.
Age: 25
Type of collaboration: Would love to set a limit of how much to spend on each other and do a cute unboxing with someone that I haven't met before think it would be a really nice way to get to know another YouTuber. Could buy snacks, beauty things etc!!!
Amount of Subscribers: 45
Ways to contact you: Forum reply or Instagram - stephs_life_insta
Why should they collaborate with you: I'm a really friendly person and I've just started so I would love to get to know someone on here!!
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHMGR62HG2yxpbx0glfaUrg?view_as=subscriber
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