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Hiking versus Boating

Boating Journey

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So we had an interesting thing happen - our channel is a boating channel, but often we'll include "non boating" topics. We hiked Mount Rainier a few weeks ago and wanted to share the scenery and information about the trail. You can see the video below. What's interesting is our channel subscribers was growing and then after we posted this one, we lost 4 people. ? We have tons of boating episodes scheduled coming up, so we're not sure why they unsubscribed. Oh well. If you like to hike and live in Washington - check out this hike!

View: https://youtu.be/FYkU6XRaxKw
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Stanley | Team TB

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Yeah you will have 'fairweather' subscribers... those who unsubscribe the first time you post off-niche. Its all part of the game, dont put too much thought into it as you didnt lose anyone who was in any way committed to your content anyway.
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