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Life For how long has your school / college / university has been closed ?

Umaimas Cuisine 2

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My college is closed since march and I got promoted to 12 grade even without examinations .
Now I have taken admission in a uni and my classes will hopefully start from 15 sep.
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I'm in a technician high school, like a regular high school, but you can also get a technician degree there.

In the last school year my school was closed right after the day I won some interschool "Name That Tune" type competition, so it was between March 11th-13th 2020 (I can't remember the exact date).
We'd had online classes until the end of the school year.

It might be weird for some people, but I liked that much more as I had more time to take care of my YouTube channels and collaborations and Fiverr orders (I got a looot of these at that time).
We still had to do 2 vocational exams though, but it went well and I passed them easily.

Atm I have my last year of school, gonna have last 2 vocational exams and final school exams at the end of the school year (end of May this year).
Most of the schools are open, not counting the ones where there was someone with Covid.
Even in the yellow or red areas - areas with the higher risk of infection - the classes are running in a hybrid way: 2 weeks at school, 2 weeks with online classes.

But both students and teachers are jokingly counting the days before the school will be closed again.


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My school started back August 26 but closed down March 11 for covid.