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YouTube Question youtube give anyone chance

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Youre really kind of limiting your audience locally, Im all for it watching your videos but I cant understand a thing not unless you place subtitles.
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Hi Ajay

As Damo has said, you are at the beginning of a long hard road, but that is the challenge.

Had a quick look at your videos and what all the above posters have said is relevant. But where to start? For sure, watch the TB videos to get your SEO on the right track, but for me one of the first elements I would start on is the vocal presentation. Sure the sound quality needs to be better but it is also very monotone and therefore it can be the best content in the world, but viewers will switch off if the content comes across as boring.

Your voice can be improved by scripting your videos and introducing better intonation by highlighting the word and syllable stresses. If you need help with this feel free to ask.

Good luck
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Hello @ajaymourya044. First, I have to advise we are not YouTube, we are a service that helps YouTubers grow their channels. Second, your post does not ask any specific questions or discusses any actual scenarios you may be having issues with. I would suggest creating a more detailed post asking exactly what you want to know about. In the meantime I will be locking this post. Thank you.
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