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Other Should I scap edgy channel/PScore

I had a hunch that there was some sort of way for them to judge your channel on being "ad friendly", just didn't know any specifics. (never cared)
Also reading the link to Advertiser-friendly content guide: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6162278?hl=en

I ran a test:
Not sure if they use same metrics anymore.
I have two channels, one is what you would call, Ad Friendly, and the other is more edgy, I say alot of bad words as well.
I uploaded the same video to both channels with same settings across the board.
The edgy channel had up to 5 times less engagement, and recommendation, and just horrible analytics compared to Friendly channel.

Now, I want to do the same type of content that I have on the edgy channel, but make it more friendly.

Is the channel ruined, and the scores set in stone? nd shoustart fresh by deleting the channel


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You don't have to completely remove your channel just because of family unfriendly content.
If your viewers from the edgy channel won't appreciate it that much, but your family friendly channel has more subs and views, then I think that as long as you're fine with it you should change focus to the FF channel and use the edgy one whenever you want to make a... well, edgier video for variety.