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YouTube Resources Making Money Starting Now

Stanley | Team TB

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This is a critical time of year when it comes to making money off-platform from your work on YouTube. In fact today gives you exactly one month to prepare for the 2020 Q4 earnings season, making this the perfect time to discuss a very important source of revenue for you.

For those of you who are new or don't deal much with earnings reports Q4 is the fourth quarter of 2020. That's the months of October, November and December. And those months are the highest earnings months for most retailers. Of course this year the expectation is that there will be a spike in online spending due to COVID, which means you need to get your Affiliate accounts in order now!

The main platform for this is of course Amazon, but understand they prefer you have 500 subscribers/followers on your largest social media platform before signing up. Regardless of whether you are able to sign up with/without 500 (I first signed up with 250 FYI) you are going to be required to make three sales in your first 90 days. This is another reason why it is critical to get started ASAP if you plan on persuing affiliate income; with the next several months being the biggest shopping months you will never find an easier time to make these initial sales.

Once you have signed up for an affiliate account making sales is as simple as talking about a product and providing a link in the description of your video. Mind you, there is a right way and a wrong way to push product on your audience.

You need to be a trusted resource. You need to have a reason for your audience to trust buying a product as a result of what you have to say. So stick to promoting products that you know about, that you can personally stand behind and can provide information and assistance with should the audience come to you with questions.

It is also important not to make a video that appears on the surface as a blatant attempt to sell a product. When crafting a video for the purpose of making affiliate sales look at the content from the audience's perspective. Would you buy this product (or even watch this video) if it was presented to you? Are you solving a problem or providing value to your audience?

One of the best affiliate videos I ever saw happened like this. A friend of mine needed to install a second battery in his boat for lighting and instruments so he recorded himself doing the entire job and made a video about how to install a second battery system for marine electronics. Then he included that if the viewer needed to do this project he had a list of links to all the products he used in the description of his video.

The first win here was that he made a video that helped others do a task that can be difficult. Just being able to watch him helped a lot of people. Then he collected links to everything they need and gave it to them free of charge... that was the second win. For someone who simply made a single video he managed to cram a lot of value into it. He made the job far easier on anybody who was about to undertake the same project. And rest assured he gets regular sales on this evergreen contentas a result.

If you have a desire to include affiliate income into your YouTube revenue stream now is a very important time to make your first stab at it. And you have a solid month to research and learn about the process. If you start today and commit to learning the process heavily over the course of the next month you stand a very real chance of making noticeable revenue and it can be done well before your channel is ever monitized.