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YouTube Help Will youtube stop promoting my content if my channel is made for kids?

kids cloud land

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Hi. Will youtube stop promoting my content if my channel is made for kids? Does my videos rank lower in youtube search results?
How these settings affect my channel?
Can anyone please help?
thank you.

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Well, based on my understanding, your videos should still get the promotion like any other video, but remember to choose the ΓÇ£itΓÇÖs made for kidsΓÇ¥ option for any video designed specifically for kids, cause thatΓÇÖs where YouTube will come after your *** if itΓÇÖs not clicked.


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youtube does not really help out content made for kids since it cannot be monetized (to my knowledge) and there are no comments allowed

Beanie Draws

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Considering that made for kids content is mostly displayed on the YouTube Kids app, and thus, shouldn't really be on YouTube main, I'd say yes. But then there's CoCoMelon that's the biggest kids channel on YouTube with nearly 100 million subscribers, so that should indicate "no"

I'd probably say it's also up to the parents weather they watch your videos. If I were a parent, I'd be more likely to have my kids watch videos from a larger channel that's already established and trusted. As a brand, you need to build and establish that trust, that part is out of YouTube's hands.

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