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YouTube SEO Correct way to use allowed 500 characters limit of keywords/tag

Maa Ka Khana

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Hello all,

New to YT & TB forum. Want to get some perspective of what's more effective approach to the question above. Objective is to grow the channel as a new YT'ber.
  1. Optimize the video with one good phrase (long keyword) and fill rest of the characters with related highly searched (but highly competitive) keywords
  2. Optimize with few long keywords and fill the rest --- (same as above)
  3. Optimize with one good long keyword and add as many more long phrase keywords as possible and don't worry about small highly searched ones
I am doing #3 and have started optimizing for a couple of weeks so yet to see some movement.

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I think this is the best answer. Sometimes you don't search for "How to get better at karate" but just "karate tips" or "getting better at karate".

So try to think as if you were searching for your own videos as a viewer.

Long phrases will take the whole 500. Do you search on google with long words or short phrases? Remember viewers are people like us typing into s browser using key phrases.

Stanley | Team TB

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I suggest experimenting and trying each at different times. I have managed to rank for some pretty decent search terms over the years, but it doesn't happen every time (usually happens when Ihave a REAL winner of a thumbnail). So for the most part I target several long-tail key phrases per video, but I will always throw in one or two smaller, high-traffic keywords just to see what happens. If it doesn't work I will also go back and reowrk them.
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