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YouTube Question How true is the rumor?


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A rumor is circulating among a group of content providers that the algorithm excludes in the analytics the comments with emojis, how true is it?
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My understanding is most people have no idea how the YouTube algorithm actually works. It's a huge secret for YT. Most can only speculate based on trial and error testing and even then the results are rarely of any significance. I see no reason to exclude them unless a comment is purely emojis and even then it makes no sense. YouTube wants interaction, they want views and comments. Maybe not bots but still, to ignore that which they want if it's not a bot would seem to go against their goals.

I could be wrong but I don't see the logic in this being true.

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I cant say for sure, but i don't believe this is accurate. Excessive emojis will screw up a video (we saw that happen with Markiplier last year) but notice that it appeared to be slightly weighted. They hadnt had issues before, but one video just happened to have too many and then suddenly there was an issue.

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