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YouTube Tips GOOD valuble comments get more views

Beanie Draws

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I want to thank @Bob the Canadian for reminding me about the importance of replying to comments, but I also want to elaborate a bit more with my story, and how I've become "popular" in our little world

You may or may not see me everywhere, but have you ever looked at the comments of a video sometimes, and see someone respond to someone saying "I see you everywhere!"

I've been in plenty of livestreams for years now, and over the years I think I've built a reputation of being active, and known for something. The more you comment without an agenda, the more you will unintentionally benifit.

I've seen channels with usernames that tie with my passions, and sometimes they just have an interesting user name, and they've commented something interesting which has caused me to check out their channel. They didn't ASK me to, I simply was curious.

I've also have several people mention seeing me around in chats "oh I've seen you in Nick Nimmin's streams before" and I actually got recognised in an art stream on twitch one day "thank's for following Beanie Draws... wait... I know that name from somewhere"

Get involved in your communities, and OUTSIDE communities in a genuine way, and people will start becoming familiar with you. And obviously you want to be human about it. Nothing worse than someone self promoting in other people's discussions... it gives off a desperate "look at me, I need attention" and that will quickly build you a reputation of being annoying, desperate and one to be avoided.

BUT, provide value in your comments, make people smile, make people laugh, be genuine, and you will see a trickle down effect as you build a community and you build a reputation for being an interesting person that people want to look into more. Be a cool person, and people will WANT to know what you do, They will WANT to watch your videos. You won't even have to beg or give a reason as to why people should follow you, simply be a cool person and let your work speak for itself, and people will organically follow your journey.

Travel Interesante

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This is such great advice and something we've done ourselves, albeit to a smaller level. We've made many friends along the way in our travel niche through this method and it has been a blast to continue to support one another.

I've seen a handful of threads at this point asking how to get more comments on your own videos. Being proactive and genuinely supportive of other similar sized channels in your niche is a perfect way to do it. Not everyone will turn around and comment back, but eventually enough will and you will all help each other out in the long run.
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DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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I always go out of my way to reply to all comments that come in, and I donΓÇÖt just copy and paste the same thing, I actually write each commenter a personalized reply, it really is easy to write something for those that took time out to leave a comment, so itΓÇÖs only fair as creators that we do the same back.

Ignoring the viewers will make them feel less valued and leave them wondering why theyΓÇÖre even trying to interact with said creators, which eventually leads them to the unsubscribe button, which is harmful for the channel.

Creators, you see a comment, just reply, itΓÇÖs easy.

Kari B

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I've been friends with a guy for nearly ten years that I met on a forum like this. We would often comment on each other's posts and he helped me out with a few technical things and then we friended on Facebook. We don't speak every day and have only met him in the flesh twice, but it's amazing what can evolve from a little bit of support.
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