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Need Advice What is associated accounts


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Hello, am at a point were I want to have another channel running incase anything happens to my current account. Was reading this up and I nitced that if your main account is closed all associated account will be affected. Now am a little confused, is this referring to acccounts that you opened with the same G-mail account or account that you link to the closed account?

I have 4 channel opened on the same gmail. One for my business, one for educational subcriptions, my son's acccount and my current YoUtube content account. So are these associated account because the are on the same Gmail? Should I crreate another email then for my backup account?


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You can have multiple youtube channels associated to the one gmail account, so if something were to happen to the gmail account, alll channels associated with it would also fall victim.

So yes, they'd be associated accounts.

Keep this in mind however. According to Adsense terms of service, you're only allowed one adsense account... so IF you were to go with the multiple email route for backup, you would technically never be able to monetise them. That's my understanding anyway. So there are benifits to multiple account emails, but also some drawbacks.

I'm happy to be stood corrected though and I may be wrong.