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TubeBuddy Suggestion Show my which videos bring in the most subscribers per 1000 views


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I think it's a good idea. However, I'd like to offer a helpful metric in the meantime.

Look at each video's audience retention in the analytics section. It won't tell you how many subscribers that you got from that video, but it'll tell you the percentage of viewers who watched it until the end. The videos that end with at least 50% are likely the videos that may be getting people to subscribe to your channel.
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Tito Tim

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It would be nice to have it presented but the info is already in your analytics.
Go to the analytics page, under the videos you click 'see more'. The default shows you ordered by views. You can set subs gained as the secondary metric. Set the date to whatever range you are researching.

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Yup... I would love maybe a simpler version of this but @Tito Tim is exactly right. YouTube already provides this information.
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Examine the stats to see how much of an impact each video had on its viewers. The proportion of viewers that stuck around until the finish of the video will be shown, but not the number of subscribers you gained. Most of your channel's subscribers would have been attracted by the videos that have a completion rate of 50% or above.