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YouTube Question YouTube Membership specific questions.

Beanie Draws

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I'm still waiting on memberships, so I'm doing some research into how I can give the most value.
There's people here with under 10k subs with membership access, so from a 26k channel, I have a few questions.

1, if you provide members only videos (not streams) are these videos included in your overall video gallery, but private? or are those videos given their own specific area/role?
2, do those videos count towards watchtime/analytics... or do you even receive any analytics at all on those members only videos? Is there a risk that those members only videos not getting the same views a public video make, would that impact future videos, or do those videos have no impact whatsoever analytically to the rest of the channel?
3, same question, but for livestreams. I assume they're treated differantly to public livestreams.

now the reason why I ask those SPECIFIC questions

Is I plan on providing raw, unedted videos (minus swearing when I mess up, or long breaks from drawing) but a super long video I think would be really cool to provide IF it doesn't impact on the channel algorithmically. A video that only has 1% watch time doesn't bother me if I haven't put much effort into it anyway. 1% on a public video is a disaster and tells youtube not to push future videos because the last one performed so horribly, but if the data doesn't impact at all on the public channel, then that's nothing to worry about. Always looking for a cool way to give back.

I'm also thinking of adding "members of the month" at the end of the video I release of that month, so a list of any person who was a member, during that month of that video's making, because not all members stay, but giving a member a shoutout in a video would be a cool perk I think.

But yeah, I'm really interested to know about the data and analytics behind members ONLY videos and livestream.
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