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Video Research Captioning videos that leads to re-evalutation and evolution of content?

Beanie Draws

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So I'm captioning my videos now... I have been for several weeks (it's a LOOONG progress) and I haven't even started captioning my old videos (I have 170+ videos over 5 years... that's a LOT of videos)

However, even captioning my newer videos, seems I'm focusing more on the messege, rather than the visuals, I'm noticing when reading my captions while listening to them... sometimes the zooms I've chosen, or the editing styles are unexpectedly jarring. This is on newer content.

I haven't watched my older videos in YEARS. ONE because I'm more afraid of my cringey voice. I was nervous, shy and din't know how to really delivery or explain things, and I can't even remember how I edited, or if I even did edit. I haven't watched them also because of fear of "Fake engagement" that the bots would see me watching my own content (in an analysis standpoint) but still misinterpret that as me trying to get more views and watch time... so I strayed away from that.

Now that I'm captioning my videos, I realise I'm going to be re-visiting a lot of these older videos, and I have the opportunity to analyse them to see how I did it back then... what I would do if I was re-making them now... and there's a very good chance I will be remaking a lot of these older videos with new fresh eyes and experience.
So I see captioning as an interesting way to re-watch my videos and reanalyse them.

so now I pass the question on to you... "what are your thoughts?" (to quote deFranco lol!)
But more seriously, do you watch back on your OLDER content (if you've been doing this for over a year) to re-evalutate how you would make those videos now? And would you consider re-making some of your older videos with these new experiences and skills you have?
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kitchen c/o ammama

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I do watch my older videos and think " I can make it better". I have made an habit to caption them since the very beginning. I don't say 100 % I captioned but almost.

But yes, It is a really really good way to go back and analyse your videos.

You may pop up ideas like
1. Changing thumbnail
2. Adding cards
3. end screens
4. Change in description or pinning a comment.

Again, another good point @Beanie Draws
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