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YouTube Question Audience retention


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Hi there! If you believe that your video isn't great, why not ask for feedback in the feedback section so you can make improvements? Just be sure to give feedback to one other person before posting your own video for feedback.

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Who here think his or her video socks
Of course I think my videos are rubbish, but thatΓÇÖs why we keep making them, to keep improving, IΓÇÖm always on the lookout for any screw ups in my stuff and then I just avoid them in the next one, and also figure out what else I can add in.

We just gotta keep making improvements with each video, otherwise the viewers will eventually leave.
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Our channel is at the stage where we can 'sock'. We can make bad videos but its ok because our viewership and subscriptions are so low. This is the time where we learn who we are and improve our style. Don't be afraid to be bad everyone starts somewhere.

Stanley | Team TB

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I agree. Enjoy the suck. Embrace the suck and learn from it. Far better to suck now than 30,000 subscribers from now.

Kari B

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Yes, I think my videos suck, but published is better than perfect. I asked my accountability buddy to watch one of my videos for feedback before I published it because one bit was really bugging me. She gave me feedback and when I said 'but what about x' she said she hadn't even noticed it. I find it reassuring that creators with millions of subs and a team of professionals helping them still have audio and focus issues.
We're all far too hard on ourselves and considering most of us are self-taught and learning as we go, we're pretty fricking amazing.


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Improvements are happening daily with me. ItΓÇÖs just part of learning this journey. I bought a mic and wow I canΓÇÖt believe the quality of sound now. Voice overs are the way to go.. So yes my videos suck but we are all learning.