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YouTube Opinion How fast do you talk in your videos? Do you talk too fast? or too slow?

Beanie Draws

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So I'm going through more closed caption editing for my videos, and I'm starting to notice that I'm talking too fast for the captions to block out nicely, and I almost suspect that these fast talking periods might reflect in my retention graphs.
I sometimes get annoyed listening to people who talk too fast, and I get annoyed by people who talk way too slowly and take forever to get to the point, evidently I'm sure people feel the same way about MY talking sometimes.
Do you ever analyse your own delivery and consider if you talk too fast or if you talk too slow? And do you ever think the same about other channels? Have you analysed your own vocal deliveries and then try to apply this in the back of your mind when you're on camera for future videos?
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Gary L

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I show my videos to my family members for "approval" before publishing. I had a problem with speaking too slowly and in a monotone manner. I think I have over-corrected recently. So I am always getting feedback.

Its difficult to change the way I speak because that is the way I am. But I realised that I am not changing my personality but changing my delivery.
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Travel Interesante

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For talking head kind of videos I actually prefer quicker speaking because otherwise it could get boring quick. For what we do though I try to remind myself to find a middle ground. I grew up in New York City so it is tough to speak slower after years of talking over people, but I've learned to slow myself down for my wife's family as they are not native English speakers. Naturally that helped with my approach to being on camera.


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My speed of talking depends on the language I'm speaking in.

When I'm recording in Polish, I use to speak too quickly, especially during the outro, which leads me to repeating the words on and on until I get them right.
I can't really fix that, because:
1. On that channel I record with a mask on and that adds some difficulty to the speech, even though the mask is pretty thin.
2. When I speak in a higher pitch, my muscles tense up.

When I'm recording in English, sometimes I speak too slowly, but that's usually when I try to find a right word and/or am focusing too much on my fluency of speech.
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I'm shy to talk in videos honestly cause I'm afraid what people think of it but I try not to talk too fast or too slow cause I want people to understand what I'm saying without taking up too much of their time


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I talk at the pace I talk. I change the pace of the video with cuts. In fact I hate talking. Let motion picture do the talking. Luckily there is a whole discipline of cinema that addressed this in the 1960s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_cinema#:~:text=Direct cinema is a documentary,by Jean Rouch in France.

Also note: talking quickly doesn't mean conveying the point quickly. Eliminate useless words, and you will communicate fast even when talking slowly. The real problem is people talk too much in their videos. A simple series of cuts would do the job much more effectively. Better yet they could show what they're going and eliminate words altogether.

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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I just talk normally in my videos, for some it may be a bit slow, but for otherΓÇÖs itΓÇÖs probably a bit fast, itΓÇÖs hard to please everyone on this.

I do go quite occasionally, thatΓÇÖs when IΓÇÖm concentrating on something while demonstrating it, but other than that, I like to keep my talking full of happiness and positive energy.


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I find I tend to talk too fast. This is especially apparent when I try to cut clips during editing and have a hard time cutting between sentences. I am working on it but I admit I have to work harder.

kitchen c/o ammama

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I am always corrected by my mom I speak fast.

She usually records when I am on screen. She tells " I being your mother not able to understand that... slow down and again explain". I usually speak fast when I excited.

But this is when I am alone on screen. If I am with grandma, I speak normal.. which is usually the case.

Kari B

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I naturally talk fast, so I try to slow myself down a little when recording. Generally speaking, I find the autogenerated subtitles are right 95% of the time. When I'm doing VO I have to be careful not to go too much into my 'telephone voice' or I end up sounding like Dame Judi Dench on Spaceship Earth - lovely and clear but can make people feel sleepy.