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YouTube Question Same videos, different creators


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I've seen a lot of creators who use the same pictures/videos to their videos. I've seen a lot of like fails videos where creators make comments/reactions to specific videos.

In my mind, some of these videos are copyright, some are obtained from TikTok, etc. How in the world do these creators get to use the videos and monetize? I'm confused. Thanks.

Beanie Draws

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you're correct to think that, and those channels will find a lot of issues in the future when it comes to getting monetized. That said, there are some larger react videos that seem to slip through the gaps, so it's a bit hit and miss. If you can transform the footage to make it transformative and "fair use" you might be okay, but it's a HUGE legal hurdle so it's easier to avoid the situation all together.

Just because some don't get demonetised, doesn't mean they WON'T... but also... if a video is "claimed" (the copyright holder makes a content claim, not a strike) the video WILL be "monetised" even if the channel has under 1000 subscribers, but this is because the original owner of the footage is "claiming" the revenue from those ads. so a lot of these videos are actually "monetised" so the original owner gets the revenue, not the channel uploading the reactions.

JackSepticEye mentioned this very recently in his streams that he will still be doing reaction/meme videos, but he makes no money from them because they keep getting claimed.. and rightly so I think.