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YouTube Opinion what would you tell your old self before starting youtube

dean the rat

Known Member
if you could tell your younger self before you started youtube, what would you do different or what advice would you give em. For me I would have told myself not to get so invested into the beggining but still work to all the goals

Kari B

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That it's ok to be a bit varied but not to film anything and everything just for the experience because no-one will know what my channel is about.
To watch and learn from people like Derral, Roberto et el sooner, their advice would have helped me more than watching dozens of other popular, big creators that I wanted to be like.
Not to be so naive when it comes to other people's intentions, 'let's support each other' or 'we should be YouTuber friends' are basically just fancy ways of saying sub4sub.
That's it's good to have an interest in my analytics, but not to obsess about them to the point I am checking multiple times in the middle of the night.
To make videos that I enjoy, not videos I think people will like.
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Stanley | Team TB

Amazingly Decent and Not-At-All Terrible Fishing
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I wish i could go back to 2011 (my first YT attempts) and tell myself to start hammering out weekly vlogs without looking back.

Jarvis Phan

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I would tell myself to continue what I was doing and not let other things distract me from my goal. The pandemic makes me think back that I actually had a lot of time to work on my piano covers and should off focus on what was important to me.

issabelle leo

Active Member
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I wish I can go back to 2008 which I start my first channel. I left it behind 2 years later. I can't recover the ACC again. So, I just watch all my video there. Its full of memories. With friends, family who some of them was pass away, have their own families. I'm just started new channel last year just for fun and never care about viewer or subscriber. Now, I'm hope my channel will growth like your guys.

Beanie Draws

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I'd tell myself "use some decent tags!"

I'd also tell myself "start working on your closed captioning right away, it will make your life easier years from now"

also "reply to all your comment!" BUT youtube had horrible comment management back then, so I'd tell myself "Hey, there's this plugin called TubeBuddy that can help you manage your comments better than YouTube's default comment management. you should use that instead!"

Would have saved me a LOT of time :p