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YouTube Question What is the best app for game live streaming on YouTube?

issabelle leo

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What app the gamer used for live streaming, which is they can crop their image on webcam. So, we just see only the gamer image.


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If you're talking about PC gaming then there are several alternatives for livestreaming. OBS is opensource meaning it's free. It's the most commonly used software for livestreaming. However, if you have a laptop it doesn't work well with laptops. There is also Streamlabs which is also free and it's based on OBS but will all the bells and whistles streamers use for the notifications and alerts on their streams. Another alternative which I like using is Xsplit which cost money but it has a ton of features OBS doesn't plus it works well with laptops.

Now, you mentioned cropping webcam image. I assume you mean removing the background. For that you can either use a greenscreen behind you and adjust the settings on these apps to remove the greenscreen making the background transparent (chroma key). Or you can use a paid app called VCam which I also use and is from the same company as XSplit which can automatically remove and replace your webcam background or blur it. It's a really good app.

I hope this helps. if you have any come questions on this please feel free to ask.
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