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Need Advice How quickly should a sequel be released

CT Gena

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I did a video with a pretty entertaining character. Honestly, the video doesnΓÇÖt have many views, but I have received some positive feedback.
My question is how long do I wait to do another video featuring that character? Is it better to wait? Or should I keep writing and releasing. And if/when the character does become more popular, the viewer can watch multiple videos.

IΓÇÖm currently leaning toward putting moreoh him out there, because heΓÇÖs silly and fun. But Im also nervous that I will go all CBS andhe Becomes an overly exaggeration that heΓÇÖs no longer

Stanley | Team TB

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If you have material for it you should go ahead and run with it while it is fresh. Later when you have a larger subscriber base and/or a consistent line of traffic there will be other things to consider. But for now its a good practice to make videos as consistently as possible and try as many things as you can. You are still early in the process of figuring out what your audience likes.
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