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Video Research Let your videoΓÇÖs Breathe


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Sound advice. My videos have been picking up, views are adding up. It is just a matter of being patient.


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Can I point out a few things, one. when you've done the correct research on your topic, try and create evergreen content! content that views want to watch over and over. 2. meta data is not as important as a good thumbnail and a great title (which has a keyword phrase and tag) aim high and a MUST THING on your videos is BE AN ENTERTAINER, people are watching your content be presentable approchable building a community is massive. warm regards
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As a bit of insight our channel has a weird tendency of videos taking off well over 100 days after publishing. It happens very often.

My mantra is that you are never more than one video away from 'making it.' But always remember you may have already published that one and it just hasnt hit yet. Keep pushing. And keep growing that library so that when one hits they ALL hit!

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I let my videos breath a little TOO long :joy: So far I seem to be uploading monthly lol!
I started doing daily uploads during all this time off but the one week were I couldn't do daily, I hardly noticed a difference in views in the last 48 hours. That gives me hope when I have to scale back once I start up work again.
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After youΓÇÖve done all thereΓÇÖs to do Title,Description,Tags & thumbnail etc...donΓÇÖt be discouraged views will come IΓÇÖve seen videoΓÇÖs take offΓÿ║

Also be aware that if you have let it had time and it's not where YOU think it should be check impressions and click through rate! Impressions are when someone sees majority of your thumbnail for at least 1 second, so be sure to be aware of the data you're getting!