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YouTube Question What you should change, and what you should leave alone in terms of captions and description.

Beanie Draws

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Okay, so I was just telling a friend I'm working on closed captions manually (I don't trust auto captions, but they ARE getting better) and it made me ponder... does adding closed captions to already popular successful videos potentially make them even better? We've been told that captions add a little bit of data about the video, so that leads me to believe that the captions would change the data very slightly... which then makes me think...

Descriptions add to the overal video data... BUT changing data on already well ranking videos can adversly effect a video.

I'm now wondering... what part of the description is the most "important" part in terms of impacting area in terms of data. I assume the "Above the fold" is the most impactful, and below the fold has less impact. I want to improve the descriptions of my old videos, I'm wondering just how much of an impact those changes could have, and if adding closed captioning also changes things.

When I say I'm wondering how much of an impact they have, I'm not expecting change to be a game changer for ranking, but I do want to be careful to not adversly impact ranking video.

5 years and I'm still learning and wondering :)