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Gaming Channel Wanting To Make A Content Group


Check out my recent upload https://bit.ly/2IzzqKK
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User name: DemetreHicks
Title: Wanting To Make A Content Group
Age: 17
Type of collaboration: Hey guys,
I'm looking to make a content creator group where everyone makes video together or just help each other out like being youtube friends
My Goal is very simple to make a group of small content creators and help each other out with collab, video ideas, constructive criticisms, and other things in that field!

The requirements
That you have decided mic
Also that you are at least 14
Play on PC
Lastly, be a good person
Amount of Subscribers: 33
Ways to contact you: If this sound like something you would be interested in please add me on discord and message HDemetre#9785
Why should they collaborate with you: Because personally i try really hard to make content and I know that I have room to grow and make my content better and one way I think you can do that is to surround yourself like-minded people
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEaCF7tueP5vQBavvdugsw


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What games do you play? I would be interested in collaborations with you. I will message you on discord. I sent you a friend request on discord. My username is Killam#4991.