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YouTube Question Can't remove info cards?


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So, I've been trying to remove those incredibly irritating info cards that keep popping up in the middle of a video, and I was lead to the Playback and Performance page. Apparently, unticking this box, "Show in-video info cards", will solve this issue. However, unlike in this screenshot, if I refresh the page after my changes have been saved, THE BOX IS TICKED AGAIN! I am so sick of these info cards and this is driving me insane! Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this?

While I'm here, does anyone know how to remove these info cards on the iPhone app? I can't seem to find the playback and performance page on the iPhone app version of YouTube - is there a way to get rid of these cards?
Screenshot (29)_LI.jpg


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Are you doing it on Windows or your iphone?