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Audio Gear Need Advice - Two Mics & One Input

kitchen c/o ammama

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Hi ! Well, Let me brief you with my Problem.

A month back I got my BOYA Lav Mic for my Grandma as per Community Suggestions and I am extremely happy with it .


In my Videos , Grandma & I both participate sometimes.

If I act like me , then I don't need another mic . It catches pretty good but sometimes I enact like my Grandma Friend ( like 70 yr old you can say ). In that role I speak really low because that character demands so. In that case, my audio is very low.

I want both of our voices to be Clear. I spend time writing script with good dialogues and at the end the audio isn't good and it degrades my quality.

Can you all again help me out in this ?

By the way, I use iPhone to record ( just told ... maybe it brings clarity for suggesting )

Dr Pixel Plays

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You can do a lot with audio editing. If you have feature-rich editing software you can probably fix this problem more or less in the software. But I guess You don't use or aren't that experienced with that kind of software. Could you swap the microphone during a recording? Or make different clips each time you change the mic?

But you are recording to an iPhone. One solution is to get one audio device that manages inputs, but they aren't that cheap and I don't know how well your iPhone can handle multiple inputs. I hate audio stuff like this. It's a simple thing but so complicated to setup.


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You can try using a free program called audacity, But it's only available on Windows/Mac