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A/B Testing A/B Test Photo Finish Results. Need a bit of help analysing them

Beanie Draws

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So I've ran into this situation a few time, where the results are so neck and neck that it's hard to really know how to decifer the results.
I feel like I'm missing something visually that I need to change. The MAIN reason I wanted to change the original thumbnail is I want to focus less on branding and text, and focus more on the image fitting in with my overall gallery of thumbnails, but of course, I also want to raise the CTR etc. so if @Andrew could possibly explain what areas I should be focusing on specifically in terms of the graphs, as some are performing "worse" and some are performing "better" but not by an amount large enough to really to make any action on it other than just with branding (seems they aren't performing significantly worse at least)
Obviously, I'm an artist, so visuals are the most important to me, so reading data is a little tricky sometimes. And I feel explaining the results and what areas I should be focusing on more, will help others with their A/B testing as well.

Screenshot (4238).png

Screenshot (4239).png

meanwhile this other result shows a clear result which I acted on

Screenshot (1477).png